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By  raising  awareness, sharing  my  story, uniting 

our  community,  and raising  money  for  Crohn's  and  Colitis,  I'm excited  to  include  you  on  my  path  to  make  a change! 

Hello, my name is Ani Rosen and I am a typical young adult living the SoCal life.  I am currently graduating from UCLA, a dance major, a double minor in Entrepreneurship and Film, Television, and Digital Media and Captain of the UCLA Dance Team.   Though I experience life like any other young adult, my experience with Crohn’s Disease has shaped me into the person I am today.  Diagnosed in August of 2015, I was suddenly thrown into a world that I did not understand.  I didn't know medicine infusions, blood draws, lab tests, pill camera studies, and colonoscopies would suddenly become part of my lifestyle. To read more of my story, click here!


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